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Starting from simple Flat Ribbon Cable with IDC Sockets to complex wire harness, we offer a wide range of cable assemblies. Our customers appreciate our flexibility and quality awareness. Further we offer to optimize your production documents or analyze your harness for a possible cost reduction or simplification of the wiring. In case of high volume projects we cooperate with companies in Asia or Eastern Europe to expand our capacity. Of course we guarantee a professional handling of your requirements and monitor the production, quality and logistic. We further offer UL certificates for all assemblies if required.

Highly motivated, well-trained employees assemble your cables fast and with high quality awareness. Here you can find the wide range of our production parameters.

Send your inquiry to info@wennmacher-electronic.de or directly to one of our friendly sales managers and ask for a nonbinding quotation. Here are some examples of our product portfolio:


Series RSV19P


Datasheet & Priceliste_Series RSV19P
Drawing_Series RSV19P-MA, with cable end sleeves
Drawing_Series RSV19P-OA, without cable end sleeves


E-Mobility Electric Wire 
Deutsche Post


Grounding Cable
for various applications


Wire harness with terminal block
used in door systems, f.e. of a high speed train


Connecting cable with fitting panel
used in sliding step systems


Connecting cable
used in door systems of local trains


Wire harness with 50 pol. Connector
used in lift control panels


Lift cable
used in lift shafts


Coiled cord
used in door systems of buses


Wire harness with USB-connection
used in measuring systems of utility vehicles


used in divers applications, f.e. in controll systems of snowcats


Flat cable assembly
used in divers applications, f.e. navigation systems


Flat cable assembly
used in divers applications, f.e. passenger information systems


Our partner for customized cable solutions:

Kabel Sterner GmbH