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Prosperity only comes to those who do something while waiting for success

Our employees and our company have done something since Wennmacher Electronics was founded in 1993, we are a medium sized business, well-established company in the electronics market sector. In continuous Steps we have expanded our product portfolio and in addition to trading we have implemented a highly flexible cable and appliance manufacturing production. In the beautiful and historical town of Obernburg we are strategically located in the center of Europe.

From connectors to cable assemblies and the manufacturing of complete electronic equipment the Wennmacher Electronic team offers everything from one source. Our services include the manufacturing of cable assemblies and devices in accordance to customer specifications, including the procurement of all components and tools. We perform obligatory tests on all products that leave our house. We gladly support our customers with design or material modification and put our know how to their advantage.

As an extension of our product portfolio, we also offer connectors, assembled and bare circuit boards, flexible connection systems, heat sinks/cooling elements, ventilators, displays and annunciators. In long-term cooperation with the world’s most renowned companies, we have built a network through which we are capable to offer many products cost-effectively. Our strengths lie in offering identical substitutes at favorable prices or with master agreement contracts for large quantities, completed with customized logistic solutions, storing of safety Stocks or delivery using the Kanban method.

We are a longtime partners of renowned customers from different industrial sectors, mainly established in the elevator industry, the bus and rail technology or in cooling Technology. Companies from all over Europe value our flexibility, quality and prices.

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